Global Intellectual Property Protection

Research institutes, bioscience companies and individual inventors are the heart of the innovation economy but they face more challenges than ever when it comes to commercializing their inventions.

Uncertainty around the interpretation of U.S. patent laws makes it harder than ever for bioscience inventions to receive patent protection. Inventions involving products of nature, laws of nature and abstract ideas face significant hurdles in achieving patent protection.

Gorman IP Law is here to help. We are a patent prosecution law firm that focuses on helping inventors secure patent protection so they can take their innovation to market and build successful businesses.

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Gorman IP law is one of the best law firms that I have worked with. Their focus on IP strategy, alignment with the company’s business goals, and excellent customer service results in impressively fine-tuned IP plans and filings. Susan Gorman puts her extensive experience and smarts to work for your company, and dedicates much of her own time to ensure proper execution of the tasks at hand.

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Helge Zieler, PhD Founder and President, Primordial Genetics Inc.

Susan Gorman is a thoughtful, thorough and seasoned patent attorney. She cares deeply about her clients and their projects. Her scientific background provides her with a strong platform for providing excellent legal services in this field. We have worked together and I have the highest respect for her work and am always confident in referring clients to her, knowing she will provide the highest level of service to them.

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Nikki Dell’Ara Attorney, San Diego Business Law

Susan Gorman approaches her work in a detailed, thoughtful, careful way, all the while looking at the big picture. Her background as a scientist (including a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Case Western) provides invaluable insight/perspective into how to intelligently formulate and answer questions. These characteristics make her an excellent patent attorney, and I’m pleased to have her on my side!

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Doug Stewart Founder, Inner Sole/Body Mechanics
Services / Practice Areas
Strategic Planning and Counseling

Comprehensive analysis of current and anticipated intellectual property leading to a strategic plan tailored to the company’s business and commercial needs.


A full spectrum of patent services including application preparation, pre-grant prosecution, and post-grant procedures.


Inclusive trademark services: trademark clearance, application preparation, prosecution and opposition procedures.

Legal Opinions

Preparation of opinions relating to infringement, validity, freedom to operate and inventorship.

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